Why slow living?

Why slow living? Well, now isn’t that a jolly good question!

For anyone who’s arrived straight to this post and want to know what slow living is, check out my last post.

For years I was go, go, go. I always had to achieve the highest grade at school, study every waking hour of every day. After uni the same habits merged into my work. I would often work 12 or 14 hour days, often working at weekends to keep up. If someone said jump, I’d jump…even if it wasn’t realistic.


I was exercising 5 times a week, eating tiny numbers of calories. Doing all the things society told me I was meant to do.

I lived based on the demands other people put on me, rather than what I wanted to do or what was healthy for me.

Sound familiar? See some of those things in your own life?

Well, I burned out. Mentally and physically. I was nutrient deficient, I spent a year and a half in therapy for an eating disorder, and still, another year and a half later, I struggle with anxiety and self care (hello crying in work loos and meetings on a weekly – if not more – basis). And if you recognise yourself in the above but haven’t reached this point yet, here’s a spoiler: you will soon. And you don’t need to have an eating disorder or any mental health issue to be on the brink of a shitty time.


As part of my eating disorder therapy I was introduced to mindfulness. I started mindfulness meditations and really began to tune into my body for the first time in…well, years and years. When we’re living at 100mph we rarely take the time to actually check in with ourselves and see how we’re doing. Sometimes I think we’re too scared to.

While definitely not a devoted mindfulness practitioner, those initial mindfulness sessions sparked within me a desire to slow down. Over much researching I came across the concept of slow living. It offered me a completely different perspective on life. It didn’t have to be this crazy whirlwind that I felt out of control of. I choose how to live my life. I decide whether I want to give in to the demands and time pressures other people dictate for me. I decide to connect with all the values I hold dear to me.


That’s why I chose slow living. And that’s why I started this blog: to document my journey and the changes I see in myself. And to inspire others to do the same. Because the more people who reject this noisy and busy lifestyle for a slower way, the more normal it will become. And the happier and more balanced society will be.


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