Slow your own – screen-free eating week 2

Happy Sunday all!

Just dropping in with my update on my second week of screen-free eating! To find out more check out my introduction to screen-free eating and my summary of week 1.

This has been a week of “out of routine” meals. I’ve had work lunches and breakfasts, and days where it’s been so busy that if I’ve wanted to eat I’ve just had to do it whilst at my desk. I’ve also had days where it’s completely pissed it down, and despite attempting to battle into the rain with a brolly I ended up being soaked through before I even get to sit down and eat lunch. However even on these days I’ve made sure to take mindful mouthfuls and have been much more aware and intentional in my eating than I would have been before this trial started. And that’s a step in the right direction!


I also had a real moment of pride on Friday. I’d had to go into work early for an 8am call (sigh) and there was no way I was getting up early enough to have breakfast before I left. After the call finished at 8.30 my urge was to go back to my desk and get started on my work. I normally get in at 8.30, even though my working day doesn’t start until 9 (that quieter half an hour gives me the opportunity to settle any anxieties before everyone else piles in), therefore to not go back to my desk felt like I was being naughty. But I hadn’t eaten breakfast…and breakfast at my desk is meant to be a no no. I had a good ol’ battle in my head, and eventually convinced myself not to go back to my desk, but to close myself in a meeting room away from my computer and eat my breakfast leisurely. It made such a difference to how I felt when I did go back to my desk – so glad I did it!

What I’ve found challenging this week:

  • I’m still struggling with snacking. So often my snack time ends up being at my desk or in front of the TV. I’m going on a real mission this week to break the back of this!
  • Rainy day lunches. Really need to find a solution to this that doesn’t involve sitting at my desk or sitting in the pouring rain!
  • When I’m eating with colleagues I’ve noticed I find it really hard to focus on what I’m eating or have a relaxing experience (hello social anxiety!). I really need to work on calming my mind in these situations.


What I’ve been loving this week:

  • I feel like I’m digesting food so much better than before! I’m chewing food much better, and am in a much more relaxed state when eating (rather than my stomach churning with stress and anxiety). This can only be a good thing for my body.
  • I have time to register feeling satisfied with my food. It’s a really hard feeling to explain…I just feel more “complete” after eating!
  • Being more conscious about what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. This can only have a positive impact on the quality of what I’m eating!
  • The highlight of my week has to be picking our first patty pan squash from the garden! My boyfriend and I chopped it up immediately, drizzled it with some olive oil and salt, and stood together in the kitchen silently munching. It tasted so good, was the epitome of really savouring every mouthful, and it made me feel so proud that we’d grown that!


So I’m half way there – here’s to the second half of the trial!

Are any of you also scree-free eaters? If so let me know below!


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