Slow your own – screen-free eating week 3

3 weeks in…and this week has maybe been the toughest yet. For those of you who don’t know, I’m trialling a month of eating without any screens (TV, phone, laptop etc.). For info check out these posts:

Breakfasts are where we’re still winning. I put my phone down, eat my breakfast in lovely silence, and then follow it up with a 5 minute mindfulness meditation. It’s one of my favourite parts of my weekday routines. I wouldn’t say I’m always really focussing on the food as I eat, but  it’s a hell of a lot better than if I was scrolling through Instagram.

Lunches have been a complete disaster. It’s either been pouring with rain which meant I had no option other than to sit at my desk (all hail the British summer!) or it’s been a crazy days of meetings or problem solving where I’ve only had 20 minutes (nowhere near enough time for me to get to an outdoor eating area and actually eat). Either way, I’m still eating more mindfully than before this trial. Even if it’s just for a few mouthfuls.

Most of my dinners have been the usual time spent catching up with my boyfriend, however there have been a couple of times where I’ve been home alone. And tired. And had a hard day. And my willpower to leave the phone alone has been low. And I’ve caved. And what I don’t get is that I don’t even enjoy it. It’s more of a comfort thing, as if I need this comfort blanket of scrolling through my phone to take me away from my thoughts. Well, that’s a bit depressing ain’t it?! Surely it would be better for me to invite my thoughts for dinner, light a candle, have a romantic evening with them? Maybe I’ll learn a heap from them, and actually listening to them, rather than blocking them out, might mean they no longer need to endlessly swim round my head?

Hey, maybe I’ll try that this week. A candlelit dinner for me and my thoughts.

But on the serious side, I’ve realised that being tired is a real game changer (in a bad way) when it comes to eating mindfully…and in fact, any healthy habit. Feeling tired means I’m a zillion more times likely to not follow my own rules, and whilst sometimes that is absolutely OK, if it becomes a regular problem and I know I feel better when I’m following the rules then that’s not good.

Also…maybe I just need to get more sleep. I think I may focus on this in next month’s trial.

Anyway, here’s to the last week and a bit of the trial. Let’s hope I smash this last week!

Do you have any experiences of screen-free eating? If so leave your thoughts in the comments box!


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