Slow your own – screen-free eating week 4

Hi all! I’m just checking in for my final review of my screen-free eating trial that I’ve been doing throughout July. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!

For previous posts on the trial check out:

The short story is: I’ve loved it!

I haven’t 100% smashed it. As you know, there have been days where I’ve been sat eating at my desk sheltering from the rain, or have given in to the urge to check something on my phone. But compared to my normal screen-addicted self, it’s been a real change.

If you’d asked me at the start of this process, I thought getting up earlier on weekdays to fit in my breakfast would be the hardest thing. That I’d regret it and hate it and give up after a while. But it’s my favourite thing that’s come out of the trial. My mornings are so much calmer, I look forward to the peace and quiet and an enjoyable breakfast. And I’ve even managed to  in 5 minutes of mindfulness straight after breakfast which is an added win. It helps me to feel that bit more zen and far less anxious going into work.

One of the things I wanted to see from this trial is whether my digestion improved. It’s been hard to tell, as anxiety tends to send my digestive system into a bit of a meltdown. However I do feel like my food has just felt more settled and I’ve been less bloated. Could be down to a million and one things…but there’s a good chance that it’s been because I’ve actually been chewing my food down.

Something that surprised me most of all was how it really made me think about my food. It made me consider where it had come from, who had been involved in its production, was it nourishing me.

It also forced me to reprioritise things. There were times when I was eating and all I was thinking is “I could be doing x or y right now”, craving efficiency and multi-tasking. But eating pretty much has to be our top priority, and yet there are still times when I feel like it’s getting in the way. How crazy is that?! I was listening to episode 43 of the Low Tox Life podcast this week, which had Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge, as a guest. He mentioned how the US and UK had one of the lowest amounts of time spent on eating compared to other countries. The French, for example, have this culture of having the family altogether, enjoying long meals….and the British, well we eat as quick as we can and then we’re back at our desks or in front of the TV! Doing this trial has given me the opportunity to reframe things, to remind myself that nourishing myself is a top priority and I should give myself the time and space to do this properly.

So will I be carrying on with screen-free eating once the trial ends? Absolutely yes! Breakfasts have been a game changer for me, and I can’t ever see me going back. Whilst lunches are more challenging I know I will also choose screen-free when I can, and I think I will always be more mindful of when I’m eating. will continue to wake up with enough time to have breakfast before work and do so without any screens. Where possible I will leave my desk to eat.

I’ll be popping in tomorrow to talk you through what I’ll be doing for my August trial!





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