Brain ready to explode

Have you ever been in one of those stages of your life where you seem to be hitting on hidden knowledge around every corner you take?

This past year has been one of those stages for me. And I hope it continues.

Where normally I get frustrated at the amount of time we all spend in front of screens, either watching TV or scrolling through Facebook, there are times like this where I’m in awe of where our screens can take us.

Last year, when my boyfriend was working away from home and I had a few too many evenings by myself, I discovered the documentaries section on Netflix. After watching one called Vegucated (super old school) I suddenly had my eyes opened to what happened in the meat and dairy industry, and some further documentaries and YouTube videos later I had made the switch from vegetarian to vegan.


Not long after I went to see a public viewing of Cowspiracy. Whilst I had always been conscious of the environment, I never cared more than recycling, conserving basic resources such as water and electricity, and being aware of transportation. That documentary blew my mind. Not one to accept facts without research I started Googling and reading papers from the United Nations and my mind was being blown with everything I read.

Meanwhile, after starting off looking at mail art, I suddenly was clicking on one link to another, and I somehow found myself at the Slow Your Home site and podcast learning about slow living and associated topics of ethics and the environment.


In the last few months I’ve started to learn about plastics, sustainable clothing, ethical fashion, the effects of pesticide, minimalism, the list continues…and I’m ready to explode, completely devastated and utterly excited all at the same time.

Ready to explode because there’s so much new information in my brain, and a million times more stuff that I don’t know.

Devastated because the world is in a pretty sad state and there’s so much to do to turn it round.

Excited because I’m learning so much and through this I can make a massive difference.

I’m going to be talking more about each of these on the blog, sharing my learning as I go. I’m going to be starting off with plastics as I feel this is one of the most accessible areas – and also the most all encompassing (plastic is EVERYWHERE!). Pop by next week to find out more!

If there’s a topic you’d like me to cover then please leave a comment below!


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