Slow your own – get your zzzzs week 2

Wahoo week 2!

It is safe to admit that I LOVE SLEEP!

So when I started this trial I thought I might see some benefits, and that I might sleep a tad bit better. But I’ve actually been quite blown away about how much of a change I’ve noticed.

As I mentioned last week the number of stressful dreams that I’m having has pretty much reduced to zilch. (Just a side note, I started writing down “one nice thing I’d done that day” as a bit of an experiment in itself. Ending my day with showing myself some compassion and reminding myself that there is some good in me has really made a huge difference in my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend!)


I’m also getting to sleep so much quicker (bar the night when I’d watched Okja and I was feeling all the feels)! And it’s not a light sleep, it’s straight into a “I wouldn’t wake up even if a bomb exploded” sleep.

And then I pretty much sleep through until my body clock wakes me up just before my alarm goes off. Which is just the nicest way to wake up, rather than being shocked awake by an alarm.

And I just feel so much more chilled and prepared to deal with things. I have that space before I react to things, which I feel is due to having more energy. I feel more energised in my workouts, and have motivation generally to get things done.

Plus forcing myself to read before bed not only gets me ready to doze off, but I’m flooding my brain with really beneficial messages last thing at night.


And all in 2 weeks!

Obviously this could be down to a hundred and one other things: hormones, diet, what’s going on (or not going on) at work, but hopefully over the month it will be easier to see trends.

Do you have any sleep tips? If so, I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below.


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