Hi! I’m Emma.

I’m 28, have more grey hairs than I can count, and a habit of crying in the loos at work.

Over my 20s I’ve realised that there’s more to life than climbing the career ladder, spending crazy hours at work, and having to recover at the weekends hiding under a blanket mindlessly watching catch up TV I don’t care about.

I want to live a slower life: more intentional, more mindful, and better for myself and the world around me. That makes me less anxious,┬áthat doesn’t go against my values, and won’t leave me regretting how I’ve spent my life.

Join me here as I try and do just that. Expect life fails, comical happenings and the odd dmc (I might be 28, but I’m totally down with the young kid acronyms). So grab a cuppa and settle in.

Emma x


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