Why running slows me down

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're having great weekends. Yesterday I went on an early morning run. It meant getting up when I still felt a bit tired. It meant using my legs when they were a bit achy. And it meant adding another thing on my to do list for the day. It made... Continue Reading →

What if politics slowed down?

Wow. Politics. *sigh* So often over the last few weeks I've been left speechless by the people in politics, the media establishments that cover the election, and the culture that surrounds politics. When I think about what I want a politician to be then more anything I think of a role model. Someone who epitomises... Continue Reading →

Why slow living?

Why slow living? Well, now isn't that a jolly good question! For anyone who's arrived straight to this post and want to know what slow living is, check out my last post. For years I was go, go, go. I always had to achieve the highest grade at school, study every waking hour of every... Continue Reading →

So…what is slow living?

If you find yourself running around like a headless chicken, constantly having to make quick decisions without any time to think, breathe, or notice what's going on around you, then a move to a slower way of living may be just what you need. When I first heard of "slow living" I didn't have a... Continue Reading →

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